There are a total of five major Landian tribes, six if you count the Ruguzians, which adopted Landian culture.

Proto-Landians Edit

The term "Proto-Landians" encompasses various unknown cultures and tribes in the Landian region. Most of these tribes are unknown, but sources say that their cultures shared many similarities.

Ukiland Edit

Ukilandians (Originally called Uginians) originated from a Jolenoid tribe called Viladians. Viladian settlers formed a city below the mountaintop named Ukigrad, and eventually it was flocked by the Proto-Landians. Since the Viladians had strict policies involving children, the proto-Landians eventually outnumbered them and took control of Ukigrad. Since they developed a specific culture which had a portion of Jolenoid culture, they found many new villages and conquered many tribes until they became a significant force. The name "Ugin" seems to refer to the area below a mountain. Their "capital" today is Ukigrad. Yellow-green and green are considered Ukilandian colors.

Ozonland Edit

Ozonlandians were a tribe that was focused mainly on fishing. Because of that, they had a steady food supply, and they often went trading with other tribes, frequently carrying bits of their own culture, too. Some tribes were so influenced by them, that they were nearly indistinguishable, and thus, joined them. Ozonlandians tended to send willing fighters, instead of conscripting most of the members like other Landian tribes. Their "capital" today is Ozonya. Red and green are considered Ozonlandian colors.

Tampland Edit

Not much is known about Tamplandians, other than that they were originally a "nomadic tribe with light hair and eyes, but otherwise a foreign appearance". They eventually formed a city within a mountain basin, with most sources calling it "The city of the bears". They tended to use horses, and frequently conquered and raided other tribes. Their "capital" today is Carhuria. Light blue and white are considered Tamplandian colors.

Genirland Edit

Genirland, also known as the northerners, were a Landian tribe which could adapt to colder conditions. Described as having lighter skin than average, the Genirlandians were focused on building permanent settlements and trying to improve their agriculture. Most of these attempts failed, but a city called Gigrad stayed, and its population was fed the whole year. Their "capital" today is Gigrad. Blue and red are considered Genirlandian colors.

Akesiland Edit

Akesiland was a Landian tribe that specialized in bows and arrows. It was located south of Ukiland, and was rumored to have formed a coalition with Ukiland and Tampland in order to fight off Gospinoid invaders. Their "capital" today is Avatine. They lost most of their original land to the Beshalyks, before Martyland was formed. Yellow and purple are considered Genirlandian colors.

Ruguzians Edit

Ruguzians encompasses a collection of several settlements made by the Landian troops in Caspia. Today, the Ruguzians were assimilated into the ordinary Caspian culture, but they still have Landian last names.