Traits were used in Ukiworld 1.0 to an advantage to a nation. Here is the list of known traits:

Good Barley - Barley replaces wheat

Avenger - 50% more strength when reclaiming an original territory

Reputable - Passive bonus in diplomacy

Defender - 50% more strength when defending a friend

Plastic Factories - Plastics replace aluminum

Poisonous Uranium - Uranium replaces Iron

Rich in minerals - Ores can go up to 110% production

Good Agriculture - All agriculture is increased by one level

Pumpkins - Pumpkins replace sunflowers

Soviet Iron - Liron replaces Iron

Sturdy cities - Capital has 15 HP, all other cities have 10 HP

Militant - 50 untis are generated instead of 40

Unique - Unique resource is increased b two levels

Popular - +1 company

Oligrendian - Bonus relationship with Oligrendian countries

Bezeriathi - Bonus relationship with Bezeriathi countries

Mesokian - Bonus relationship with Mesokian countries

Arephisan - Bonus relationship with Arephisan countries