The book of Lukchan (Knyoga Lukchana) is the holy book of Acism. It has several stories, here are some.

Lupadack and his snakeEdit

One day a kid named Lupadack was sitting on a stump in a valley. He heard some voice. He was frightened. Then he saw a snake. It said "Hello, Lupadack". Lupadack was amazed. He saw Lukchan smiling in the sky. The snake asked:" Do you enjoy this peace, Lupadack?" Lupadack said "Yes, Snake". Then the Snake said "If you want peace, you must protect it!" "How?", asked Lupadack. Then the Snake told him to tell other people to believe in Lukchan. Lupadack ran into the village and told them about a man in the skies named Lukchan. People of Dervania ignored him, but then they saw a cloud, which looked like an eye. People of Dervania were amazed, and decided to follow him to the valley where he met the Snake. They saw nothing, and moved on, but then they saw Lukchan smiling in the sky. They immediatly began believing in Lukchan.

The ChuykotsEdit

One day, rowdy bandits began pressuring villagers to give them money, or else they will take their children and turn them into bandits. People of Lukchania were in shock. If people who kill go to hell when they die, then who will defend us Acists? The bandits were the only ones to believe in other gods, but the bandit gods promoted aggression. The people of Lukchania decided it will be best to choose a few martyrs who will defend the Acists. The people were given the best weapons, wore bear skins and hid in the forest. They were called chuykots, the war martyrs. When the bandits came, the chuykots ambushed them. Although there were more bandits than chuykots, the chuykots won, albeit badly injured. Many of the chuykots died, but the ones who healed stop believing in Lukchan, because battling made them distant with the Acist god.

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