Basic Government:

Cost: You must be recognised by other countries

Effect: It enables you to be a country

Code: R0T0

Leads to: Basic Military

Basic Military:

Cost: 100 GC (Without Civilization)

Effect: You build 3/4/5 divisions instead of one.

Code: R1T1

Leads to: Bridges

and Basic Diplomacy


Cost: 200 GC (Without Civilization)

Effect: You can build bridges (If you have wood more than 2)

Code: R1.5T1

Leads to: Nothing

Basic Diplomacy:

Cost: 500 GC (Without Civilization)

Effect: You don't have the "Unfair" diplomacy penality with nations which didn't recognise you.

Code: R1T2

Leads to:Civilization

Basic Education


Cost: 800 GC (Without Civilization)

Effect: You don't get the "Uncivilized" penality from civilized nations and cost of all tech is lowered by 200 GC

Code: R1.5T2

Leads to: Nothing

Basic Education:

Cost: 1000 GC (without Civilized, on and on)

Effect: Your money value is increased by 0.1 GC

Code: R1T3

Leads to: Industrial country

Maritime country

Tourism Country

Industrial Country:

Cost: 1200 GC

Effect: You can transform one of the cities into an industrial city.

Code: R2T1

Leads to: Resource Maniac

Highway Master

Resource Maniac:

Cost: 1500 GC

Effect: Your Resources gain 1 more level.

Code: R2T2

Leads to: Nothing

Highway Master:

Cost: 1500 GC

Requires: Oil

Effect: You can build highways and boost relaionship with the nations your highway goes through.

Code: R2.5T1

Leads to: Advanced Government

Maritime country:

Cost: 1200 GC

Effect: You can now annex sea tiles

Code: R3T1

Leads to: Long Bridges


Long Bridges:

Cost: 1500 GC

Requires: Iron

Effect: You can now build two-tile bridges to connect to an island

Code: R3.5T1

Leads to: Nothing


Cost: 1500 GC

Effect: You can now connect yourself with far islands (and other nations) by the ship route

Code: R3T2

Leads to: Advanced Government

Tourism Country:

Cost: 1200

Effect: You can transform one of the cities into a historical city. Code: R4T1

Leads to: Good Environment


Superb Tourism (Partially)

Good Environment:

Cost: 1500

Requires: Fruit or Vegetables

Effect: Tourism points +1

Code: R4.5T1

Leads to: Nothing


Cost: 1500

Effect: Your relationship with other nations is boosted.

Code: R4T2

Leads to: Advanced Government

Advanced Government:

Cost: 2000

Effect: You can now be a Monarchy.

Code: R5T1

Leads to: Advanced Education

Advanced Military

Better Government

Advanced Military:

Cost: 2500

Effect: Non-towns (Cities, Religious sites,...) are protected by 10 divisions automaticly.

Code: R5.5T1

Leads to: Nothing

Advanced Education:

Cost: 3000

Effect: Income is greater by 100 GC.

Code: R5T2

Leads to: Basic Science

Basic Tourism

Basic Science:

Cost: 5000

Effect: Allows you to build some techs.

Code: R7T2

Leads to: Advanced Science

Basic Tourism:

Cost: 4000

Effect: You gain +1 tourism point.

Code: R5T3

Leads to: Advanced Tourism

Gold Rush

Gold Rush:

Cost: 7500

Requires: Gold

Effect: Income is boosted by 50%, but destroys the gold tile.

Code: R5.6T1

Leads to: Nothing

Advanced Tourism:

Cost: 15.000

Effect: You gain +2 tourism points.

Code: R5T4

Leads to: Superb Tourism (Partially)

Superb Tourism:

Cost: 50.000

Effect: You gain +3 tourism points.

Code: R5T5

Leads to: Nothing

Better Government:

Cost: 25.000

Effect: You can now be either right-wing (profit +5%) or left-wing (profit +10 per building)

Code: R6T1

Leads to: Basic Politics

Best Government:

Cost: 50.000

Effect You can now choose between Libertarianism (+1 happiness) and Authoritarianism (+5 profit per building).

To be continued

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