A soldier, or an unit is an attacking unit in Ukiworld version 1.0, and the 0.4 version. If nation had a hostile neighbor, Peace League will automaticly place 40 soldiers between the borders (40|40). Smaller cities created 10 soldiers, religious towns were guarded by 500 soldiers, and capital cities (and other major cities) produced 100 soldiers. In 0.4 you had military factories.

After 0.4 and 1.0Edit

Soldiers were replaced by Various other units in version 0.5, as well as in version 0.7.

There were no soldiers in 0.8 (because you could infulence regions of other nations).

After version 1.0, they were replaced by divisions, because it was more efficent and didn't require zero at the end.

Rumors say that soldiers will maybe appear in 2.0.