Religion Bonuses and Flaws:



-Diplomacy with different religions


Eternal Legion:

Produce 5 instead of 4 divisions

-Diplomacy with different religions

Oligrendia, Bezeriath and Mesokia


+Receive 110% PU

-Basic land tiles give only 0.75 PU


Phoenix Religion:

Produce 5 instead of 4 divisions

-Can't use remnants-type resources



+Get 10% bonus income from resources

-Produce 3 instead of 4 divisions



+Get 10% bonus income from resources

-Can't use remnants-type resources


Faskhan Religion:

+Get 10% bonus income from resources

-Receive only 90% PU

Arephisa, Mesokia and Culpena

Culpenan Paganism:

+Produce 5 instead of 4 divisions

-Receive only 90% PU



+No penalities

-No bonuses


Historical (extinct) religions Edit

Over time, many religions were exterminated as a result of countless wars in the history of Ukiworld.

Cillod Sun pagans Edit

Cillod Sun pagans were a religion that ruled over ancient Cillod. It was a paganistic religion which worshipped four forms of the sun (for each season), as well as the moon and stars. Coincidentally, it implied that stars were far-away suns (minor congresses of gods) which had their own realms. It went extinct during the rise of Istkanism.

Beshalyk paganism Edit

This was the religion of Beshalyk tribes, including Martyland. It had several gods and was based on personal gain at the expense of others, which is mostly evident by Seraphim Clan's Higetnas' order conquering the Beshalyk nation. It ceased to exist around at the medieval age, with many people converting to Istkanism.

Dervanian paganism Edit

Not much is known about this religion. There is a small number of sources, mostly coming from 'Through the eyes of an Acist'. They describe the Dervanian gods as "vile, dangerous and not caring about their followers", mainly the main god and god of war Burlos. Although the books contain a xenophobic Acist view on this religion, which was meant to exterminate it, scientists speculate that it, in fact, was a religion of war and victory. The known gods are Burlos, the god of war; Krkindar, the god of thunder; Bayastol, the god of fire; Yoromingo, an unknown god and two unnamed gods of Rain and Hell respectively.

"The religion of Kuyobor" Edit

This was shortly mentioned in "The book of Lukchan", describing a battle between Dervanian paganists and this religion. There are no other sources, and most scientists speculate that it was either a heresy of Dervanian paganism, or a battle between two dervanian tribes.

Landian agnosticism Edit

This was the religion of the 'tribes of the land', such as Ukiland and Tampland. It was a belief of an unknown god who judges people and rewards them if they're pleasing him or punishes them if they annoy him. This was a religion consisted of fearing the deity and "explaining other religions", saying that the god makes his presence known, and other tribes differently represent him, sometimes as more deities. It ceased to exist during the time Istkanist missionaries started their operations in 'Istkanlandia'.

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