Peace League is a special nation. It doesn't have cities, instead it has a wonder with a same name. It is printing and minting GC banknotes, and can give it to anyone. It can place automaticly 4 divisions around the borders of nations at war, with a fee of 10 GC per division. It also has a Bombardment Station, which automaticly bombards nations that are behaving bad. It is the only Special Nation in Ukiworld 2.0. It is located on an isolated island. Its current leader is World Diplomat Teton R. Jimes.

History Edit

During the Great Ukiworld War, a coalition of WML nations was formed in order to decide on Buexes' independence. After deciding on its independence, the group also made certain decisions, like planning attacks and which country to help. This served as a model for the Peace League. Some time after the Great War, this idea was reignited both by Gospia and Korgemt, who both suffered tensions, wanted a much stronger body to defend them both, and keeping a Great War from happening again. It initially consisted of Great Ukiworld War participants, including Korgemt nations, Gospia and Buexes, Caspia, Karnimis, Faskhan nations, Landian nations, and more. Eventually, it expanded to nations that weren't in the war, for example Valthera. Soon it encompassed all nations of Ukiworld, and they all had a place inside the Peace League's parliament.

Elections Edit

Every two years, a new "world diplomat" is elected. The process begins by electing eligible parties, and later their representatives. At least five parties are eligible to be voted for by each country AND autonomous province. City states are left out. Some countries hold more weight to their opinions, which depends on current wars, problems, etc.