Each nation has two or more traits. Any number of traits more than two results in a penalty to balance it out. There are also artificial traits that come when a nation has researched a certain tech or built a certain building.

Map traitsEdit

Fertile soil - Normal tiles hold 1.25x people

Mountain country - Mountain tiles hold 1.0x people

Desert country - Desert tiles hold 0.75x people

Snow country - Tundra tiles hold 0.75x people

Artificial traitsEdit

Nationwide Heating/Cooling System - Tundra/Desert tiles hold 1.0x people (Requires the Nationwide Heating/Cooling System tech)

Water conveter - One salt water tile is converted into one fresh water tile (Requires the Water Converter building)

Spacescraper - One tile is converted into 1 special tile which holds 2.5x people (Requires the Spacescraper wonder)

MAGELLAN camp - Ice cap tiles hold 0.25x people, can claim ice cap tiles (Requires the MAGELLAN tech)

MAGELLAN colony - Ice cap tiles hold 0.5x people (Requires the MAGELLAN tech)

TARDIGRADE camp - Uninhabitable tiles hold 0.25x people, can claim uninhabitable tiles if it borders them (Requires the TARDIGRADE tech)

TARDIGRADE colony - Uninhabitable tiles hold 0.5x people (Requires the TARDIGRADE tech)

War traitsEdit

Militant - One more division spawns per tile

Defender - 25% more strength when defending original territory

Avenger - 25% more strength when reclaiming original territory

Battle buddy - 25% more strength when defending an ally

Sturdy cities - All cities have +5 Max HP

Political traitsEdit

Reputable - +2 bonus with every country

Oligrendian - +4 bonus with Oligrendian countries

Bezeriathi - +4 bonus with Bezeriathi countries

Mesokian - +4 bonus with Mesokian countries

Arephisan - +4 bonus with Arephisan countries

Culpenan - +4 bonus with Culpenan countries

Tolerant - Doesn't suffer from religion penalties, bad relationships need 5 more negative points to start being active. If atheist, gain +3 bonus with other tolerant nations.

Artificial traitsEdit

World power - All tiles hold 2/4 more people, 16 divisions are spawned instead of 4, +5 bonus with allies, -5 "bonus" with enemies, can use sanctions super power (Requires first to fifth place in the score leaderboard)

Continental power - All tiles hold 1/4 more people, 8 divisions are spawned instead of 4, +2 bonus with allies, -2 bonus with enemies (Requires first to tenth place on the continental score leaderboard)

Landmark wonder - +15 tourism points (Requires a certified landmark)

Citizen traits Edit

Blind nationalism - -5 relation with neighboring countries, +Happiness

Ambitious youth - -5% cost on research

Artificial traits Edit

Suppressed rights - -Happiness, -Rebellion in all regions , lower chance of hooligan outbreaks