Istkanism is an old religion in Ukiworld. In-game, it gives extra happiness, while receiving a diplomatic penalty with non-Istkanist nations. Its symbol is Istkan's hourglass, and its theme colors are silver and purple. It has three denominations which aren't different from each other - Mother Pine Faith, the original denomination of The Four Families, prominent in Cillod and nearby countries; Custodianism, which consists mostly of countries that adopted the Custodian doctorine; and the smallest - Gorgjism, based on the teachings of Gorgji, the second post-Istkan prophet.

History Edit

Istkanism, originally called the Mother Pine Faith, is one of newer religions which hails from Cillod. Its forefather, The Velvet Prophet Istkan Bogrim, was one of the first people to actually spread this religion. Before him, the only ones who followed Mother Pine Faith were The Four Families, while Istkan himself was an outsider. Istkan was interested in the teachings of their faith, and became the first outsider that followed Mother Pine Faith. Istkan went on missions to spread the faith, from blessing the forests to yield more game, to healing people with sacred herbs, he managed to convert several villages. After trying to spread his religion in the city of Pasuto, which is now recognized as the Istkanist holy city, he caught the attention of the Cillod Sun Pagans, who held Cillod itself. Fearing his safety, Istkan secretly traveled to Zarmopeia, another Cillod city. He succeeded in spreading the Mother Pine Faith, but he was promptly found out by the Cillod Sun Pagans, who brought him to Emperor Adnan. While the emperor didn't consider implementing religious laws in Cillod, he still made Istkan go on a trial, because he was allegedly conspiring against the royalty. He was later publicly executed on gallows. Eventually, Istkan's words, as their holy book "The Great Istkan Saga" says, never died, and instead lingered for years. More and more people adopted Mother Pine Faith, now called Istkanism, since the Cillod Sun Pagans were more and more strict. Eventually, whole Cillod, as well as its capital Pasuto, adopted the Istkanist teaching. The greatest Istkanist temple, the Mother Pine Temple, lies in The Four Families' village, and is guarded by their descendants as well.

Philosophy Edit

The Istkanist ideas promote love for nature, as well as others. It says that the people should bond with nature, and enjoy its fruits, as well as they take care of it in return. Istkanism also promotes art and music, with their holy songs mostly consisting of flutes and horns. However, it also promises a very harsh "hell" for many people who don't fit with the Istkanist teachings.

Trivia Edit

Istkanism is based on the Abrahamic religions and a little bit of Paganism (most notably Pagan druids).

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