Internet in Ukiworld is cheap and fun. The most internet users are from Buexes, 87% people in Buexes use internet every day and 14% if them are addicted. The internet is mostly the same, but there are some differences:

  • In rage comics, they use "La" instead of "Le".
  • Only famous websites have their Ukiworld version  (4chan, 9gag, etc.)

Domain listng

.ul - Ukiland (Ukilend)

.cc - Acaland (Cac)

alternative: .lna (Lukchania)

.zhk - Gevkhia (Zhevkija)

.lu - Laukah (Lauka)

.ks - Caspia (Kaspiya)

alternative: .кя (Капия)

.mk - Mikya (Mikyia)

.yx - Yoxa (Yoxa)

.mtl - Martyland (Martiland)

.eth - Ethilavia (Ethislavia)

.jl - Jole (Jole)

alternative: .юл (Юле)

.go - Gopia (Gospia)

.bx - Buexes (Buexes)

.dl - Delphona (Delphona)

alternative: .δλ (Δελφοννα)

.koi - Koni (Koni)

.koa - Konia (Konia)

.lz - Lazaria (Lazarija)

.pe.lg - Peace League (Peace League)

.abg - Annsburg (Annsburg)

.kyt - Kytsaya (Kytsaya)

.fas - Fanesste (Fanneste)

.ef - Evi Faskha (Evi Faskha)

.eb - Evi Borgha (Evi Borgha)

.el - Evi Losra (Evi Losra)

.khn - Kahinnia (Kayhinih)

.vt - Valthera (Valthera)

.utc - United Tribes of Culpena (United Tribes of Culpena)

.zb - Zensib (Zensib)

.sy - Sarmya (Sarmya)

.rhz - Rhogza (Rhogza)

.dac - Dackia (Dackia)

.duc - Duckia (Duckia)

.bl - Bellorys (Belorhiz/Bellorys)

.laz - Lazaria (Lazaria)

.mry - Mariymia (Mariymia)

.ri - Romia (Romia)

.sai - Sashia (Sashia)

.mti - Martinnas (Martinnas)

.myr - Momyr (Momyr)

Famous memesEdit

Fesd ninja

Ukiworld memes

The Memes

Created by a poster from Ozonya, Ukiland

Created in erunchan.ul/b/ and

It was spammed in eureka.bc, and it is bannable on jollychan.jl, eureka.bc and on

La Cac

Created by a poster from Ukigrad, Ukiland

Created in

It is used to mock Acalandian posters both on /b/ and/or /int/

La laughing face

Created by a poster from Buexes city, Buexes

Created in rageheaven.bx

It is used in rage comics as pointless laughing.


Created by a poster  from Heu, Evi Faskha

Created in 2plus2chan.ef/int

It is used to mock certain posters from a poor country (like Kahinnia).

La la plant la

Created by a poster from Buexes city, Buexes

Created in antirageheaven.bx

It is used to mock rage comics.

List of -chans in UkiworldEdit

erunchan.ul (Ukiland)

Most popular boards:




Creator: Belko Denol (Acaland, a pun on Acalandian god Lukchan, Lukchanian language)

Most popular boards:

/b/ - Ruzifafaras

/int/ - International

/v/ - Vodeya Kagejkelep

Creator: Lupa-duck246810 (Acaland, Ukilandian language)

Most popular boards:

/int/ - International

/b/ - Odalo

/z/ - Zabawa

Creator: giboy (Caspia)

Most popular boards:




Creator: Mothmatt (Gospia)

Most popular boards:




Creator: David777

1111chan.bx (Buexes)

Most popular boards:




Creator: Buxe Bucky

2plus2chan.ef (Evi Faskha)

Most popular board:

/int/ - International

Creator: Fasko02 (Jole)

Most popular board:


Creator: Fredrix8 (Mishea)

Most popular board:

/int/ - Internazional

Creator: ShOmY

wheelchan.ri (Romia)

Most popular board:


Creator: MitrovichMika (Boclea)

Most popular section:

Random section

Creator: Kibbo

eternaljoy.vt (Valthera)

Most popular topics:

International topics

Creator: SirNimann

atomchan.dac (Dackia)

Most popular board:


Creator: VDNPlayer

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