Ideologies are a new system implemented in Ukiworld 2.0. Despite being limited to the political compass in the alpha, Ideologies now have categories and types. A primitive nation can't choose its ideology's category before completing the "basic government" tech, and can choose an ideology only after completing "advanced government".

The Democratic category is arguably the middle ground. Although it has ideologies leaning towards Socialism (Social Democracy) and Capitalism (Traditional Capitalism), it doesn't have a strong effect on the country practicing it and is arguably the safest choice. It gives +2% happiness to its respective country. Its ideologies are:

  • Social Conservative
  • Social Liberal
  • Social Libertarian
  • Social Democrat
  • Authoritarian Democrat
  • Traditional Capitalism
  • Constitutionalism
  • Federalism

The Capitalist category is focused on earning GC and sometimes happiness in exchange for other things, such as diplomacy and resources, including other things. Countries with Capitalism as their ideology category gain +5% GC while gaining a -2% happiness penalty. Its ideologies are:

  • Corporatism - +7% GC earned, -4% happiness
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - +2% GC earned
  • Turbocapitalism -
  • Globalism - +10% GC earned, -6% resource efficiency
  • Consumerism - +3% happiness, -2% GC earned
  • Eugenism

The Socialist category is focused on exploiting and using resources and happiness, with sometimes increasing or decreasing PU, in exchange for decreasing GC earned as well as other things. Countries with Socialism as their category gain +5% resource efficiency and a -2% GC earned penalty. Its ideologies are:

  • National Socialism
  • Anarcho-Socialism
  • Communism
  • Industrialism
  • Collectivism
  • Technocratism

The Autocratic category encompasses ideologies which are focused on giving the state unrestricted power or otherwise, sacrificing happiness for things such as resource efficiency and military power. Countries with an Autocratic government have +8% resource efficiency with a -5% happiness penalty. Its ideologies are:

  • Flawed Democracy - +2% resource efficiency, +1% happiness
  • Military Junta - +1 division made, -8% happiness
  • Despotism -
  • Monarchism - +7 happiness, -4% resource efficiency, - relationship with other categories
  • Dictatorship -