Republic of Gospia Gospia (Cillodi: Republicka Gospia) is a world power in Ukiland. It is located north of the Great Cillodi Gulf.

History Edit

During the low middle ages, after Emperor Epunio "The Infertile" Asmon's death, several pretenders rose up- Marcko Asmon, in Pasuto; Pardo "The Bastard" Napad in Mid-Arggod; Natilo Asmon in Sklem; Micael Saueavei in Glimo; and Strello Gospani in Hampden. Since the Cillodi Empire was too big to govern such vast lands, and a diplomatic treaty was signed. Marcko Asmon governed Cillod, Natilo Asmon governed Orssod, Pardo Napad governed Arggod, Micael Saueavei governed Sozzer, and Strello Gospani governed Gospia. Strello's Gospia encompassed the area of modern Gospia, excluding the northernmost provinces, and some other countries along the Great Cillodi Gulf. It was originally an open-minded country, allowing more rights to the natives than other Cillodi countries.

Despite being deemed tolerant, Istkanism was originally outlawed, as it was associated with Cillod separatism. While Arggod's relationship with Cillod improved and they accepted Istkanism, Gospia was still a thorn in their eye. Because of that, the Custodian Order was formed, and Gospia was threatened to be attacked if they don't convert. As a result of that, Gospia converted, and was a major Istkanist Patriarchy.

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