Pre 0.4 version 1:

It was divided by regions.

It focuses between red and blue team.

Was shortly after abandoned.

Version 0.4:

First known version to feature tiles.

First time Ukiland appeared in a game.

There were many islands.

To advance and move on another island, you must conquer your island first.

One of the islands was called Osonya.

It featured special nations (pirates, robots, aliens,...) spanning entire islands

Version 0.5:

You can only play as Ukiland.

City planning including corportations.

Various ores.

Various vehicles.

Can bomb cities.

Tech tree.

Features Caspia.

Different unit classes.

Version 0.7:

Medieval version.

Everyone has it's card.

There were no tiles, only regions.

Different nations.

There were different units.

Didn't feature Ukiland.

Discovery of other nations.

You could pay to be premium.

Focuses between war of Daeduism and Phoenix Religion.

Everyone had it's own hero.

Different jobs for a hero.

Espionage is present.

Featured scrapped make-a-unit.

Version 0.8:

Much like version 0.7.

Modern setting.


Second to feature Ukiland.

You had "Government Infulence".

You could influence religions.

Version 1.0:


Features map counted in little squares (tiles).

There was an encyclopedia covering (almost) all nations.

No irl-based city-states.

Five types of cities (capital, town, city, wonder and religious site).

Focuses on war between Fascist League and Socialist Uki Alliance.

City-based special resources (you can only get resources by capturing the city).

It counted the number of soldiers instead of divisions (40, not 4).

Christianity had no bonuses and no flaws.

Nations had Traits.

Nations could choose government types and nation types.

Version 1.5:

Much like version 0.5, although not as deep

Featured a completely new nation, as well as a new continent

It had a catalogue of units

Different vehicles that build faster

Featured three city districts - the center, suburbs and rural area

Population and happiness

Instead of attacking randomly, you attack different nations and claim their resources

Campaign map featured tiles, with every tile having an army

Version 2.0 Alpha:

Tile-based Resources.

No Fascist League.

Better trade routes.

More types of cities (added industrial and medieval cities).

Tech Trees.

Reused ores from 0.5.

Two types of nations (nations and city-nations)

Features special resources (Chrome, Planet core, Cobalt,...)

You can conquer moon or mars.

Version 2.0:

Current version

Cities are now known as regions

Nation traits make a comeback

New luck-based system which enforces more planning (3-sided dice rolling)

Different, more realistic map

Fresh and salt water

Nations can use super powers

Rivers are replaced by fresh water (including lakes)

Political choice effects has been reduced to a mere diplomatic boost

Medieval cities changed to Tourism cities


No more IRL religions.