Erunchan.ul is an Ukilandian imageboard. Posters from erunchan created memes FESD ninja and La Cac. The boards are:



/a/ - Anim i manga (Anime and manga)

/b/ - Odalo (Other/Random) /cs/ - Komiky i srtacji (Comics and Cartoons)

/sf/ - Seryi i filmovy (Shows and movies)

/en/ - Enimaly (Animals)

/ek/ - Ekologya (Ecology)

/n/ - Naoka (Science)

/v/ - Vidio-gemsy (Video games)

/int/ - International

/x/ - Paranormal

/f/ - Macromedia Flash

/t/ - Transporty (Transport)

/o/ - Oruziy (Weapons)

/k/ - Karsy (Cars)

/s/ - Sporty (Sport)

/ph/ - Fotografiya (Photography)

/h/ - Hrany (Food)

/de/ - Desktopy (Desktops)

/m/ - Muziky (Music)

/i/ - Igrachky (Toys)

/3D/ - Treza-dimanzya, CGI (Third dimension, CGI)

/gif/ - .gif-ovy (.gifs)

/ko/ - Kontaktuy Admina (Contact Admin)

/fit/ - Zdravle i Fytnes (Health and fitness)

/lit/ - Literatury (Literature)

/adv/ - Advisy (Advices)

/r9k/ - Rabot 9000 (Robot 9000)

/pol/ - Politiky (Politics)

/soc/ - Socialny (Social)

/ug/ - Ukigrad

/oz/ - Ozonya

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