Caspian Ruble (Каспички Рубл) is the currency of Caspia. It's banknotes are:

1 Ruble Heads (minted) - Mayor's house in Derbent

1 Ruble Tails (minted) - Mayinko of Derbent (Майнко Дербечки)

2 Ruble Heads (minted) - Mayor's house in Aqtau

2 Ruble Tails (minted) - Lawrence Mukotsk (Лоренц Мукоцк)

5 Ruble Heads (minted) - Mayor's house in Baku

5 Ruble Tails (minted) - Muyko Doysoruk (Муjко Досорук)

10 Ruble Heads (minted) - Mayor's house in Makhachkala

10 Ruble Tails (minted) - Menenik Dosovsk (Мененик Досовск)

50 Ruble Heads (paper) - President's house

50 Ruble Tails (paper) - Emperor Tsaki Koromnyak II (Зар Цаки Коромняк Дjуги)

1 Caspian Ruble is worth 5.1 Global Currency (5 GC and 10 NADs)

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