Acalandian war of independence
Date 18 October 1629 – 21 February 1630(6 years, 1 day)
Location Northwest region, Lukchania
Result Peace treaty








Commanders and leaders
Niko Kiu Berthol (Ukiland)

Devimospos III (Delphona)

Cacimir IV Beznyn (Acaland)

David IX Longmine (Gospia)

Casualties and losses

Estimated 8200

Estimated 8200

The Acalandian war of independence (Lk:Cac rot somstalny,Ul:Acalendsky rat independansa) is an event after exactly 194 years after Ukiland conquered Lukchania. This war inspired many heroic tales and myths. The war laster 4 months and 3 days. The war was massive. It was involving Delphona helping Ukiland and Gospia helping Acaland. The losses were huge. The war ended with a peace treaty known as "Uk-Ac document". The documend involved Ukiland giving Acaland Gitown, but Acaland had to accept Ukilandian culture. Both sides had no choice. Despite Lukchanians being overnumbered by Ukilandian troops, the losses were devastating for both sides.

The Uk-Ac documentEdit

"Dear Cacimir IV Beznyn

I, the emperor of Ukiland, Niko Kiu Berthol, want you to sign this treaty.

By signing this treaty, you end the war, you get Gitown, a beautiful town with lots of people, animals and plants. Gitown can make your economy grow larger than ever, with it's famous iron mine and lots of farms. However, you must accept our culture, to teach our language in your schools, to keep up with the Ukilandian traditions, to be our ally, and so on... I am aware thet you don't want to be a copy of Ukiland, so you can still worship Lukchan.

Regards, Niko Kiu Berthol, the emperor of Ukiland

Sign here: ____________"