Acaland is a republic in Ukiworld. Its religion is Acism, but there are child-pine and legionist minorities. Its flag follows the scandinavian cross pattern. The cross is green and the background is blue. It is ruled by the president Tomas Karabudzhos. It has two regions: Capital region Gitown, and a religious region Lukchania, with Dervania as its capital city. In Gitown they speak Ukilandian, but in Lukchania they speak Lukchanian. It borders Ukiland to the southwest, Mogoleus to the northeast and Jole to the east.

Acaland statisticsEdit

Acaland has a population of 17/22.7 PU, with 94% of them being Acalandian, and the largest minority - the Mogoleusians, have a percentage of 4%. Most of the Acalandian population follows the teachings of Lukchan, but nearly 8% of Acalandians follow Istkanism due to the influence from other countries. The ethnic structure of Acaland is 68% Acalandian (a mixture of Gigrad natives and Lukchanian), 23% Lukchanian, and 9% other. The average life expectancy is 76 years for men and 77 years for women. The ratio of male-female population is 100 males per 101 females. Average Acalandian family has 4.6 members, making the country slowly grow in population. The average age for an Acalandian citizen is 24 years.

People Edit

Acalandian people are described as stubborn, brutish and easy to suck up to other, more stronger nations in order to benefit from them. They are also seen as selfish tricksters, despite the teachings of Lukchan. Acalandian people are usually nationalistic. Some countries, like Ukiland and Martyland, joke about their stupidity and stubbornness often. Depending on which ethnicity you look at, ethnic citizens of Acaland are described differently, but the features both ethnic groups share are short stature, naturally fat faces and brown to brown-green eyes.

Lukchanians Edit

Lukchanians are the original ethnicity of Acaland, before their treaty with Ukiland. Lukchanians are described as short, naturally fat, and with red to blonde hair, but rarely with black or brown hair. They mostly have light brown, yellow or brown-green eyes. Some parts of Lukchania have people that are 2 meters tall, but they're a minority. They have tiny eyes and a small mouth.

Acalandians Edit

Acalandians are a mix of the locals and Lukchanians. After banishing the Landians, Lukchanians melded with the local Mogoleusians and Joleans to create Acalandians. They mostly have dirty blonde hair, with eyes that have various shades of brown. They share most other characteristics with the Lukchanians. They are a bit taller than Lukchanians.

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